Sunday, 24 April 2011

A wise word of caution...

“Don't touch my F@&%$ eggs!”
Here's a little something for easter. Just a sketch. I might colour it more later.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fun with Storybooks

 A little while back I wanted to start drawing for a storybook, the idea came to me from works of Skottie Young. As well it was rekindled by this, which I find is a great way to raise money for a good cause. So I may tackle some of the stories here, but I really wanted to do something more personal to me... So I teamed up with Coral Melnyk and we quickly banged out a story.
 Now I'm not sure this story fits in with the others for this fairy tales for Japan cause, so I decided we would take a different route... We are going to publish this seperately and 25% of all proceeds will go towards  charity to aid Japan.

 This story is a bit on the wild side... Well I mean come on... It is me... About a family of Zombies. It will be an all ages story book. We will initially release a digital copy selling at 2$ a piece, and then eventually publishing a hardcover version (possibly special edition (super-sized)). I have been researching many different publishing options and racking my brain with this, and I believe I have found the route we will be taking with this.
 The first edition of this Zombie Story will be released in approximately one month from now. And everyone better buy a copy! It'll be awesome, Coral has a crazy wicked mind! And come on... It's for a good cause!