Monday, 8 October 2012

Happy F'n Birthday

 Saw my brother this Thanksgiving and made him this card because I missed his birthday a little while ago.

 Here's another print I made for another friend's birthday.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Van's Incredible Array of Vintage Products

 Lately, between jobs, I've been doing some vintage inspired design. Starting with a shaving cream box packaging and going into a whole array of "Van's" products. All these designs are squared and one side of some kind of packaging (for the most part boxes but also tins). I will reveal final packaging for some of these designs in the future, I might even get some printed and made.

Van's Old Fashioned Shaving Cream:
"It's been on the markets since before shaving was a thing!"

Van's Ho'made Poison:
"It's homemade with all your essential vitamins!"
 The shaving cream design is the front side of a box packaging, where as the poison could be the front for a box or, as displayed here, the top of a tin. There is a second version of the poison with a pink liquid as well.

 The ribbon on the shaving cream originally wasn't there. I just felt something was lacking under the "Cream" script, so I started an underlying shape which quickly turned into a ribbon, and eventually became what you see. I may have put a lot of zigs and zags/ folds in the ribbon, but I wanted it to be different and fun. The "Old Fashioned" title was added last as I felt that top ribbon was perfect for underlining a descriptive title, and this description just rolls off the tongue perfectly for this.

Coming Soon:

Van's Original Paper Clips
Van's Amazing Magic Powder