Friday, 24 August 2012

Building Progress

In my spare time I decided to model a cartoony styled building. This is a slow project that I do when nothing else is going one where I'll work on one or two modular pieces. Currently I am building each modular piece and showcasing them on the one building, in the end this will become an illustration that I'm planning for fun. I will later take these modular pieces and lower their poly counts and create a playable UDK level. Here's some of my progress so far.

 Here I started out with the base, all the bricks are extruded out (of course this will be flat in the low poly and captured with a texture). The windows and piping are all modular pieces. The roof currently is not, but that won't be difficult to change.
 Adding in more windows and doors really starts to bring this to life.
 Added on a little roof top door way.

 Now of course a fire escape is absolutely necessary even in a two story building!

 I just felt compelled to add this in. It took some experiment to get a gridded floor that I was comfortable with. If I were to go straight to the low-poly I could have just done a flat plane with a gridded texture and an alpha mask, to keep it see-through.

 Here's some more progess on the fire escape. After foolishly editing a cylinder for a good while to create a railing I realised it's much easier to use a spline and render it into a cylinder. (basically use a line tool to create the shape of the railing, click a button to make it 3D and simply edit the curves if there are any mistakes)
 Here's a bit of a detail shot. Everything is very clean and smooth at the moment, I am trying to keep things simple and clean to stay with the cartoony style. I'm sure it's obvious that some sizing is very exaggerated.
 Adding in a bit more to the scene, sidewalk, piping mailbox. It's slowly starting to come together. I'll post more once I can.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Random Things

Here's some random experimental things I've been up to including a series of posters and prints revolving around the Ampersand and all it's glory.
 This is a simple project making posters/prints around the beauty of the ampersand. I've always like the ampersand symbol in all it's different forms. This is also a great way to showcase some great fonts out there and will hopefully give me the chance to create some of my own typefaces.


 I'm trying to keep things simple and elegant to bring the focus to the ampersand and it's beauty and strong form.

Here's a preview of more in the works.

Now this is a little card I made up based on the letter M. I was trying to get a dark "Noire" sense to it.